Public Buses to Hinjewadi from Pune & PCMC area

Hinjewadi is a IT Suburb near Pune City where India's leading software companies have set up their offices. It is situated near Hinjewadi Gaon, near Wakad on Pune Bombay Highway. At Present, very few buses are plying between Pune City, Pimpri - Chinchwad and Hinjewadi. We want to increase the public pressure on the government and concerned authorities to provide suitable transport facilities to this Pune - IT City. Please enter your valuable comments. "Boond Boond se hi Sagar banta hai...."

Monday, September 18, 2006

mindblogging: Bus bahut hua

mindblogging: Bus bahut hua

You can see how Kirthi got irritated by the attitude of PMT bus controllers at Corporation bus stand... Nice reading.. Do visit following blog

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hurry, IT bus won’t stop here for long -Pune Newsline Headlines : 23rd March 2006

The biggest challenge is public transport, of course. ‘‘There’s thousands of people at all the IT parks in Pune and there’s no reliable public transport system,’’ rues Madbhavi. ‘‘We need to know how much the government will spend to improve the quality of life,’’ points out Pandit. He wants to know how much the city will get from the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission funds. But that’s another story.
The wishlist
* More special economic zones
* Wider roads, 4-6 lane highways
* Islanding of Pune to ease power crisis
* Reliable public transport system
* Cluster strategy for innovation

Monday, March 20, 2006

Nigdi to Hinjewadi via Dange Chowk & Pimpri Road to Hinjewadi

For the existing PCMT buses: Nigdi to Hinjewadi via Dange Chowk & Pimpri Road to Hinjewadi
I don't have time table... Please post it

I have also seen S.T. Bus from Alandi to Hinjewadi . No clue about timings!!

Kothrud Stand Bus via Aundh Parihar Chowk to Hinjewadi

As we know lot of people stay near Aundh - Parihar Chowk. They can use a PMT bus which runs between Kothrud Stand and Hinjewadi via Aundh.

I don't have the exact time table.
From Kothrud Stand ________From Hinjewadi
3:20 pm ____________ ____4:30 pm
5:40 pm ____________ ____6:50 pm

I request the regular commuters to get the time table for this bus from PMT conductors, Validate it and then post on this blog.

PCMT Bus Time Table

From Maldhakka(Pune Station)________From Hinjewadi
6:45 am ________________________7:45 am **
7:45 am ________________________8:45 am
8:45 am ________________________9:45 am **
9:45 am ________________________10:30 am / 10:45 am
11:15 am ________________________12:15 pm **
12:15 pm________________________12:50 pm
---------------Lunch Break-------------------------
3:10 pm _______________________4:30 pm
4:30 pm ______________________ 5:25 pm **
5:35 pm _______________________7:15 pm
7:15 pm ______________________ 8:10 pm ** (Last?)
8:25 pm _______________________9:15 pm ---at 9:15 this bus will go to Nigdi Bus Depot

** Please note that PCMT has two buses. One is reliable. The other bus is not reliable because of frequent breakdowns. So if you are trying to catch this(**)Bus, don't wait for more than 10 Mins.

PMT Bus-Time Table (Route Number 100)

From Corporation ____________From Hinjewadi
7:00 am ___________________8:00 am
9:00 am __________________10:00 am
11:00 am _________________12:00 pm
---------------Lunch Break-------------------------
3:10 pm ___________________4:10 pm
5:40 pm ___________________6:35 pm
7:40 pm ___________________8:35 pm

PMT Swargate Bus Depot : Phone Number for registering your grievances:
020- 24440417 Ask the operator to connect to Mr. Ashok Chavan / Mr Sudhanshu (G.M)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

PMT Fare Hike !! No improvement in Quality of Service!!


Have you checked that PMT fare is increased from Rs.11:50 to Rs.14:00 !!!

I am not complaining but I am still waiting for the big change in attitude. We don;t mind a bit extra; but what about quality of service?

Please check the Time Table posted after this comment..

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Have you travelled right upto Dange Chowk to reach Hinjewadi?

Public Buses to Hinjewadi from Pune & PCMC area

Just remember when you had to go to Dange Chowk and board a crowded Six Seater (Actually 10+ persons sitting, standing etc..) on the bumpy road...
The straight road from Wakad phata to Hinjewadi was available but you didn't had your bike/car and you had missed the company bus too.

One has to go to Dange Chowk to get that 6-seater !! Isn't it pain? Wastage of time , energy, also some money.
Dream : What if we had shuttles plying between Wakad Phata to Hinjewadi after every 10- 15 min.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Please support me and Put your valuable comments

Hi Friends,

I need your support because whoever have visited Hinjewadi at least
once know the pain. Hinjewadi is around 20 Km from Pune City and commuting to Hinjewadi is very difficult because there are very less Public transport buses.

I am going to publish the time table for the Buses very soon once I validate it myself.

I have created this blog because I am planning to meet PMT head sitting in Swargate Depot personally and show him that how thousands of Punekars and people visiting Pune are desperately waiting for Reliable Public Transport. (My dream : Clean, illuminated PMT bus with sophisticated drivers and conductors who follow the Time table religiously. Very Frequent buses and no tension to anybody. Light music is going on to add the joy. Bus stop with proper shed and sitting arrangement, Time-table clearly displayed on every bus stop. & so on :) )

Have you ever been to any IT city like Hyderabad(Madhapur) , Chennai & Bangalore ? All these cities are crowded and facing basic infrastructure problems like Traffic etc. But in all these cities I have seen many public transport buses plying between City area and the IT Suburb.

Only in Pune till recent days there was only one bus that too of PCMT, which used
to fary between Pune Station-Maldhakka to Hinjewadi Phase I.

After lot of follow up PMT has started 2 buses to Hinjewadi. Bus No.100 from Pune Corporation (36 No. Chinchwadgaon Bus stop of Ma. Na. Pa.) and other from Kothrud.

This bus No. 100 is "Prekshaniya" . "Kai varnu tiche roop!!" I think they have picked the oldest available bus from PMT Depot and alloted it to this route. Even the baord is not clearly visible. The seats are not in good condition. (Anyway Diesel smell and Diesel leakage are very normal phenomena of any PMT bus).

Think of this kind of bus standing in the main Hinjewadi Circle surrounded by companies like Wipro, Tata Technologies, Infosis, Cognizant Tech., Symbiosis College....

There are thousands of white choler employees working in these companies. They have flexible work hours but still they need to spend 9-14 hours in office. Many of them are using Four Wheelers and Two Wheelers adding pollution. But we can not blaim them because there is no other feasible option. All these people face challanges like Trafic, backache, Asthama, breathing problems related to pollution, and they are prone to accidents when they have worked continuously for 10 to 12 hours. Also in case of emergency, they have to rely on their own vehicle.

All these comapies provide their own transport service to their employees but it has sevaral disadvantages. Some of the copanies are charging as high as Rs 1200 and the service is only available for selected routes and only speific office timings. (Another dream, if these companies come together and do some tie up in between themselves or with MIDC / PMT/ PCMT .......)

Many of these vehicles go to Pune city via University Chowk where work of Over bridge is going on. This area is going to be more crowded day by day. Hinjewadi Phase II and Phase III are also full.

How can we reduce this problem, up to some extent?